Staffing Services

Looking to Build a Quality Team?

At SOG, we have the resources to provide the most qualified yet affordable staffing services in the industry. Our team of recruiters are the most equipped in building a diverse candidate pool. Email us at or Request a Quote below and let us show you how we can enhance your business through our specialized services and unmatched prices.

SOG International Staffing understands the stress of managing your personnel and helps clients with the constant changes in employment law that occur as your business grows. Through our specialized solutions, we provide professional employer services that include human resources, payroll, and talent management and recruiting.

Human Resources Management

With a model of providing quality services, our Human Resources department is dedicated to your success by fostering the growth of your employees and improving employee retention. At SOG our experienced team is current on HR practices that affect your business and strategically guides you every step of the way.


Human Resources Management

  • Employee relations
  • Handle employee complaints/investigations
  • Performance management
  • Classification and compensation
  • Employee development/training
  • New hire orientation
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)Administration


Risk Management

  • Worker’s Compensation Program administration


Benefits Administration

  • Serve as primary contact for employees, plan vendors and third-party administrators
  • Coordinate transfer of data to vendors for premiums and plan administration
  • Benefit reconciliation
  • Coordinate with third-party administrator to design, implement benefit programs


Employee Retention Consultation


Consult with our experts regarding HR Policies and Procedures

  • Develop polices and procedures to meet company needs
  • Review and recommend policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the most recent regulations



  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Affirmative Action Plan
  • Affordable Care Act Reporting (ACA)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Reporting (EEO-1)
  • Personnel file audits

Talent Management and Recruiting

At SOG International, we focus on providing quality services: a quality employee and a quality, strategic partnership with our clients. Our Talent Management and Recruiting team builds your talent pipeline utilizing strategic recruiting solutions because we understand that the wrong hire drains company time and resources.


Manage Recruiting Initiatives

  • Create innovative solutions to attract the best qualified candidates in the industry and match them to current job openings


Job Description Creation Assistance

  • Provide template for job description
  • Guidance on how to write description of a job’s essential functions, requirements, including tasks, knowledge, skills, abilities, responsibilities, and reporting structure


Supervise and coordinate interview procedures

  • Provide guidance and training on how to conduct interviews
  • Recruiters work as liaison between employer and candidates to schedule in-person, virtual and/or over-the-phone interviews
  • Follow up with candidates who were no call/no shows
  • Coordinate with third-party administrator to design and implement benefit programs


Supervise and coordinate job offer procedures

  • Recruiters work as liaison between employer and candidate


Manage Employee Onboarding

Payroll Services

Our experienced Payroll team takes the stress out of paying employees so you can focus on your business. We handle constant changes that occur as your business grows and keep you up to date with payroll laws giving you the peace of mind.


Weekly and/or Bi-weekly Payroll


Time & Attendance

  • Time tracking software for employees
  • Biometric time clocks: Find the right solution to track employee hours to match your needs


Payroll Tax Administration

  • New-Hire Reporting: Submit state reports for new and rehired employees. (OAG)
  • Federal and State quarterly reports (Form 940, Form 941, TX-C3 and FUTA)
  • W-2s, W-3s, and 1099s


Paycheck Services

  • Direct deposit, paper checks, or pay cards
  • Employee self-service: Mobile App to update direct deposit, W4 information and view check stubs
  • Garnishment Payment Service
  • Service Contract Act (Health and Welfare)