Services We Offer

With a model of providing quality services, we are dedicated to developing a culture of success by fostering growth to individuals and the performance of your organization.

Innovative Solutions

As a company driven by its core values, SOG International exercises the highest level of integrity when it comes to crafting venture projects and capital investments. Our Project Development Services create jobs, oversee capital projects, and utilize over 20 years of combined leadership experience to make it happen.

Staffing Services

At SOG International, we focus on providing quality services: a quality employee and a quality, strategic partnership with your company. SOG will find the right candidate for you through expertise and specialized data driven processes. We build your talent pipeline with strategic recruiting solutions because we understand that the wrong hire drains company time and resources.

Security Management

SOG International believes that all companies and their employees should be safe and and secure in their work environment. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and experience to mitigate risks and reduce company liability.

Our Clients

SOG International clients range from Presidents/CEOs of various organizations and institutions, to business owners, human resource directors and program managers who are looking to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. Specifically, we specialize in developing and managing projects in a fast growing, multicultural market to ensure that our clients receive top talent that aligns with company culture and needs.