Our Services

As a company driven by its core values, SOG International exercises the highest level of integrity when it comes to craft venture projects and capital investments. Our Project Development Services create jobs, oversee capital projects, and utilize over 20 years of combined leadership experience to make it happen.

SOG Security Services understands that all companies and their employees should feel safe and secure in their work environment. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and our extensive experience to mitigate risks and reduce company liability. Our professional team provides an initial security assessment to identify vulnerabilities in your company and its perimeter.

At SOG International Staffing, we connect people and companies by recruiting and evaluating top talent to generate opportunities that benefit professional growth, businesses, and economic development. Through our specialized, data-driven solutions, we provide Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services that include human resources, safety and risk mitigation, workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, health benefits, among others.

About Us

With a model of providing quality services, we are dedicated to developing a culture of success for your organization by fostering the growth of individuals and the performance of organizations.

Our Mission

To empower companies to prosper in their industry.

The Vision

To enrich communities by investing in people.

Core Values

Faith, Family and Integrity

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